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Morning sickness.....

Feb 21, 2004 — I should only have a few weeks left, but it is getting worse. Do you guys know anything that will help it? Ive already tried crackers and Phenergan and those havent helped any.

Kaellagh says:

I didn't really have morning sickness when I was pregnant with Quinn. (I was lucky :) But, the main things I have heard that help are making sure that you're eating all the time so that your stomach doesn't get empty, drinking lemon water, and there's some kind of bands that you wear on your wrist that are for motion sickness, but I have also heard that they help with morning sickness. Congratulations on your pregancy. When are you due?

BiGs112 says:

Thank you for those ideas. Those are some I have never heard and I be more than happy to try them. I just need something that will work!! My first pregnancy was nothing like this. I never got sick with that one. But now its like I can never not be sick. Anyway thank you again. I am due in September.

rnewhouse says:

Club soda, with a little lemon juice in it.

peterman says:

My wife had to resort to Zofran her morning sickness was so bad. It's for chemotherapy patients, and insanely expensive. I'm not making a recommendation, here!

It seemed to me that just moving too quickly would trigger it. She would go from fine to sick just by rolling over in bed.

Crackers before getting out of bed seemed to help.

Congratulations, and good luck!

BiGs112 says:

I have tried the Zofran thing... It didnt work. Reglan didnt help either. They diagnosed me with some kind of severe morning sickness stuff. I dont recall what they said it was tho. (I was hospitalized for a while from the vomitting and this is when I found out) Anyway if you guys think of anything else please let me know. I feel like Im dying over here.

peterman says:


Good luck. Hang in there. As awful as you feel right now, just remember: it WILL get better. You can do it!

Do you have someone to help with your first child? Get some help, stay in bed.

And maybe talk to another doctor.

DataBind() says:


What did they give you at the hospital that helped? I'm assuming they obviously discharged you.

BiGs112 says:

They were giving me Phenergan shots, but those did not help at all either. When they discharged me I was signing the papers and vomitting at the same time. It kind of made me mad that they let me go home like that, but I guess there was nothing they could have done.

DataBind() says:

How long were in you in the hospital for?

What was the diagnosis?

You should see a doctor if its as bad as you say -- some forms of severe morning sickness can cause PH imbalances, liver disease, kindey infections and other nasty stuff and requires treatment.

I read somewhere that Vitamin B6 and ginger have shown scientific effectiveness in fighting regular morning sickness.

edit: What hospital was it?

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BiGs112 says:

The diagnosis was hyperemesis gravidarum..

And here is a pretty good [link http://www.emedicine.com/emerg/topic479.htm]article[/link] about it.

DataBind() says:

I know what it is, I am just shocked they didn't treat it, that they just discharged you, unchanged, because "they couldn't do anything."

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