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What is MBoffin.com?

Oct 25, 2004 — Or Where is the rest of MBoffin.com?

I know you are busy, but what are the current plans for the site? Also I keep getting tons of 404. Shall I keep record of them? (Probably just on my end tho as everytime the wind blows my net connection goes out)

But what originally started this.. Whats up with the side bar? How come there arent `more` `What is MBoffin.com?'s`

Dylan says:

I have been working very late nights the past month programming the next version of the site. (You don't even want to know how late....)

You're seeing a lot of 404's because what's live on the site right now was simply enough functionality so I could switch from the "old" MBoffin.com to the "new" MBoffin.com, but without the rest of the site, like the About page and so forth.

I had planned to do a major site update this weekend, but there are just a few things I really want to finish before I put up the new version. So what's been done so far? Well, here's a few of the major changes:
  • Each user gets their own username.mboffin.com blog to play with.
  • The signup page is done. (Meaning we can get some new blood to the site.)
  • Full profile management pages, with a profiles gallery.
  • Post management pages.
  • Ability to save posts as "drafts", and publish them when you're good and ready.
  • Full account management pages (password changing, e-mail changing, etc.).
  • Ability to "save" a post while you are writing it and continue editing.
  • RSS feeds for the home page, the forum, and each user's blog.
  • Better paging for the forum.
  • Better moderation tools for moderated posts. (You can actually disapprove a post now.)
  • Real markup error messages.
I think you'll like the additions.

Wirehead says:


DataBind() says:

You should add a "Troll" category

Oh, by the way...when will the categories mean anything?

Dylan says:

Soon. And you will also be able to submit new categories in this next version.

Wirehead says:

Hah. I like it. Example post:


Aesopian says:

"The Three Billy Goats Gruff"; category: TROLL

DataBind() says:


shouldn't it be: TOLL, RELIGION, CARS

BiGs112 says:

lol nice one guys :) MBoffin, good to know you are working hard to please us hehe It sounds like a lot of good stuff going into it. Cant wait until its done.

Dylan says:

Here's how categories will work.

Anyone can submit a category. But, it will only be submitted into the list for approval. You will be able to use your submitted categories (even before they are approved), but until they have been approved, they won't show up for anyone else. They will show up in your blog, however.

When a category is approved, it shows up for everyone in the list of categories you can use when writing a new post. In addition, any posts that were tagged with the previously unapproved category will now show up as being in that category. For instance, if I write 3 posts all using a category I submitted that hasn't been approved yet, nobody will see that category tagged to those posts until the category is approved. (Unless someone were to view those posts in my blog, where even unapproved categories show up.)

If a category is disapproved, the administrator has a choice of either outright deleting that category and thus any attachment it has to any posts, or transferring that attachment to another category.

Here's an example. Let's say Wirehead submits a category called "Bad Movies" and jpwain submits a category called "Movies that are Bad". Obviously, it's a little redundant to have both categories. When removing jpwain's category, all posts tagged to the "Movies that are Bad" category could be re-tagged to the "Bad Movies" category.

I don't want you to think that user-submitted categories are going to be disapproved left and right, as I expect many of you will have lots of custom categories for your own blog purposes.

Just in case you were wondering, the site won't break if a category is removed and a post is only tagged to that category. The post will simply show up as "Unfiled". The new post and edit post pages won't let you save a post without a category attached to it, but the site can handle un-categorized posts.

So back to the question of how categories are useful? Well, for one, the archives will be browsable by category. There are other uses, but they do have a purpose.

rnewhouse says:

I want a category for "Clever Things I Wish I'd Said But Didn't Think of until the Next Day While I Was Waiting for the Traffic Light to Change."

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